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Grand Classroom History

Grand Classroom was founded in 2002 by J.T. Maxwell. J.T. has always loved the outdoors as he has been camping, fishing, hiking and biking his whole life. On a road trip out west two fateful events occurred. One was meeting his wife, Robin, and the other was his first visit to the Grand Canyon. Having been in the student travel business his entire career, J.T. wanted to create an experience for kids that got them outside, showed them some of the most beautiful places on earth and educate them on the importance of preserving the environment. As technology plays an increasing role in students’ lives, he believes it is more important than ever to make sure our kids have a connection to the outdoors. By getting kids outside now, it will help preserve not only our National Parks, but will instill an appreciation of the outdoors. Grand Classroom’s staff is very active and can regularly be found hiking, biking, fishing, camping and kayaking.

We create the adventure of lifetime...